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Digital Products.

You’ve worked hard to get a product out the door, to your users. Now you want to work in a more agile way, and grow a high performing team.

If this sounds like you, I can help you and your product team be more effective in two ways:

Coaching: Improve the way you and your team to build your product. (more)

Capacity: Fill gaps in your team’s capacity, until you have the talent in-house, or you know you need a specialist. (more)

Coaching: Improve the way you and your team to build your product.

For when you're not getting value from your retrospectives, or you're not finding time to think about your process.

What this looks like: This can be as simple as having me run retrospectives with you and your team a few times a month.

I come in and run various activities to help you and your team to reflect on their process. Together we come up with improvements to help address issues.

If you need more, I'm an experienced workshop facilitator, and can design a set of activities with you to address the needs of your team and stakeholders.

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Capacity: Fill gaps in your team’s capacity, until you have the talent in-house, or you need a specialist full time.

For when you need to deliver in an area new to your team, and need to hit the ground running.

You might not need someone full-time to fill a gap in your team's skills.

Or you might have almost made that perfect hire to plug that gap, but still need to deliver something in the meantime.

I can help you deliver against your goals in the interim.

I've worked as a product manager, a UX designer, user researcher, and I've been coding Django and Ruby on Rails applications professionally since 2009 and 2011 respectively.

I'm also comfortable building wireframes, service design blueprints, and Wardley maps, and know when it makes sense use them, and when other tools might be more appropriate.

What this looks like: typically, I'd join your team for a week at a time. We'll discuss a specific goal to deliver in that time, and if you're happy with continuing, we can go from there. I'm open to longer projects.

I work best in a cross functional team, and you'll typically get the most value pairing me with someone in your team.

This so knowledge doesn't leave the team at the end, and so you can do the same kinds of work without me in future.

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About me, and Product Science

I work through Product Science, my company. I'm based in Berlin, but open to travel inside Europe, and happy working remotely. You can find me on github, linkedin, and twitter.

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Who I've worked with:

I've worked with tiny companies, making paper prototypes and building proof of concepts to raise initial funding, through to huge organisations where internal politics can be as important to the success of a product as the features built into it.

Below is a selection of organisations I've worked with:

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